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***** Reviewed by Debra from Denver

Great Show! It was so fun to see Sherrie in her true element and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. What great impressions, great singing and a great story. Congrats to both of you and hope you can book it in Paris.

***** Reviewed by Bridget from Boulder on 08/20/2016

Very talented artist. Loved the tour of life and death through the viewpoint of superstars such as Billie

Holiday and Janis Joplin. Very talented actress, singer and playwright. You will enjoy it!

*****Reviewed by Chip Frye from Denver on 08/19/2016

Outstanding show! Don't miss it. Although Sherrie's father suddenly passed away on Wednesday, she did a remarkable and near flawless opening night performance of this very entertaining original onewoman musical. Everyone raved! Talk about life imitating art, since the show is about the preciousness of life, it could not have been more apropos. Don't miss it!


*****Reviewed by John Howlett from Boulder, Co. on 08/20/2016

Sherrie rocks this show. We thought it was an incredible performance. Her vocals, choice of songs, and

storytelling are so powerful. She is accompanied by a very talented musician on keyboard. Go see it. You will be glad you did.

*****Reviewed by Diane Illanes from Boulder on 08/20/2016

Must see! What a thought provoking story, and truly soulful performance by Sherrie!!! Just might

have to see it again!!!!!

*****Reviewed by Tanya from Boulder on 08/21/2016

Go see this! Highly recommend! Incredible show--I highly recommend it! Loved the premise-- wonderful acting, gorgeous singing-- a top-notch act. There was so much wisdom (not to mention humor) packed into this tiny little show that I wish I could watch it again and again. Do yourself a favor

and check this out before it's gone. I'm so glad I did!

*****Reviewed by Eric Weber from Aurora on 08/21/2016

Great Show! We thoroughly enjoyed this performance! Sherrie Scott is a seasoned professional

singer, writer and actor and Christie and I were totally impressed with the story idea, the music, the singing and the production as a whole. Highly recommended!!!

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*****Reviewed by Maryanne Bruno from Boulder on 08/22/2016

Awesome! Sherrie is so talented ! We loved it!

*****Reviewed by Tanya Jones from Aurora CO on 08/21/2016

Rockstar!! This woman is so talented!!!!! Not only can she sing her acting was incredible. Story

about a hard look on life in such a realistic yet complicated view. Very enjoyable! Don't miss it.

*****Reviewed by Mel Kyer from Denver on 08/22/2016

Don't Miss This Show! Sherrie is a powerhouse of many proportions!

*****Reviewed by Keith M from Boulder on 08/22/2016

Very Entertaining! A very thoughtful, well written and entertaining show! Sherrie is an excellent singer and actress and it shows. The concept of appreciating life while you're here epwas powerful!

Seeing it again with my wife!

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