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Trace Oakley has over 50 directorial credits of shows across the country and on national and international tours. His Los Angeles directing credits include Spindle City: The Lizzie Borden Musical, RuddiGORE, Pearly Gates, Crimes of the Heart, Bob Cratchit and Mr. Tightwad, Lovers and Other Strangers, Standing on My Knees and Carrie That Tune: Hit Songs From Flop Musicals.


Chip Frye has had a successful career in the entertainment industry since childhood. A featured actor with Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford in the Frisco Kid, he also guest starred in over 25 primetime TV series and myriad of commercials. Frye and Sherrie Scott are a husband and wife production team involved in theatre, film and television. He has successfully produced and directed other musicals written and performed by Scott. 


Frye has been a successful documentarian with the United Nations, World Health Organization, Int’l Red Cross and scores of NGOs around the world working to protect humanitarian aid workers. Director/producer of their film for UN World Humanitarian Day, The Price, starring Scott, was featured for two years by the UN and was seen by millions around the globe on BBC World. He has worked with some of the top producers in Hollywood structuring feature film finance. He is presently pitching a number of TV series he has created, all with humanitarian themes, to Hollywood, with positive response.


He also has an expertise in emergency psychiatric services and sudden loss grief support and is a member of the LA Mayor's Crisis Response Team.

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